The Greater Baltimore Asthma Alliance (GBAA) is a community partnership that has been active since 1999. GBAA improves the coordination of asthma efforts by bringing together a range of people, agencies, organizations, and businesses with an interest in asthma.

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Mission - Helping Baltimore Breathe Easier

Our mission is to promote optimum health and quality of life of persons affected by asthma by increasing awareness, knowledge, and the use of effective asthma treatments and resources.

Our Work

One of GBAA's primary goals is to increase awareness and knowledge about asthma and available asthma resources. As part of recent outreach efforts, GBAA members have:

GBAA also has initiatives to:

GBAA is open to forming new partnerships and starting new initiatives. Please contact to get involved or share your ideas.


The GBAA's membership is comprised of leadership from many Baltimore area organizations. GBAA benefits from the participation of the following organizations and businesses:

Leadership and Committees

GBAA is comprised of members from a number of Baltimore area organizations and agencies. We have been very fortunate to have members that are truly committed to reducing the burden of asthma in the greater Baltimore area. GBAA leadership consists of members that share a unique blend of knowledge, expertise and a commitment to GBAA's mission. Currently, GBAA is led by two co-chairs - Margret Schnitzer and Cassia Lewis-Land.

In addition, GBAA has established three committees to address the asthma needs and concerns in the Baltimore area:

Meeting Schedule

GBAA meets on the first Friday of every month from 9am - 10:30am. Meetings are currently held at the office of the Baltimore City Health Department at 1001 East Fayette Street in the Fiscal Conference Room. Meeting times and location are subject to change. Please email us at for more information. We hope to see you at the next meeting!


Contact us

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