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Welcome to the Greater Baltimore Asthma Alliance! Whether you are looking for general information about asthma, searching for a medical care provider, or want to learn about asthma programs in the area, this site will help you with your asthma needs and concerns.

The AIR QUALITY INDEX (AQI) allows you to see how healthy the air is to breathe. This is especially important for people with asthma, who may need to slow down when the air is very polluted. Take proper steps on poor air quality days when the AQI level is orange, red, or purple. These days have more air pollution.  People with ASTHMA are the first to feel the effects of the poor air quality!


  • Check Air Quality Index every day, year round!
  • Avoid being outside for long periods of time if the air quality is unhealthy!
  • Stay away from high traffic areas!
  • Plan outdoor activities early in day, when air quality is usually better.
  • Make sure anyone with asthma has rescue medication nearby.
  • Check pollen & mold count (see links below).




Click on the link below  to check today's air quality index!

Baltimore Air Quality


Also check out the links below for the pollen and mold forecast.

Daily Baltimore Pollen and Mold Report
Weather Channel PollenCast for Baltimore

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